One God Ministry is a non-denominational, multi-racial, Bible-based Christian Church dedicated to the spiritual growth and enrichment of individuals and families. You have a special invitation to join us for worship services at any one of our church locations:



Welcome to One God Ministry Fairfax. This location, built and opened in 2008 under the leadership of The Apostle, is located in the heart of Fairfax, VA, a vibrant community of Northern Virginia. The beautiful, state-of-the-art facility is approximately 14,000 square feet of finished space housing a sanctuary, two fellowship halls, a library, classrooms, offices, and an industrial kitchen. If you are looking for a church home in Fairfax where there is love, fellowship, and the opportunity to learn, grow.



The One God Ministry Jarratt location is located at the Spiritual Wilderness Solitude (SWS), 14424 Harmony Road, Harmony Haven, in Jarratt, (434) 535-8787. Serving both the local community and the world-at-large, this church location is part of the five-start international solitude center, designed for personal solitude and spiritual enrichment, in addition to hosting small meetings, conferences, and family events. It is situated on 170 acres of natural environment in southern Virginia about 50 miles south of Richmond.



On Sunday, June 30, 2013, The Apostle and Trustee of One God Ministry announced the opening of a another church facility located at 7301 West Burleigh Street Milwaukee, WI 53210, 414-873-9999. The new One God Ministry houses a sanctuary, learning library, usher room, hospitality room, and state of the art technology support systems.



One God Ministry continue to support global mission around the world. We have distributed material in 37 countries and our radio broadcast has reached several people in several continents. We have provided scholarship to help the poor and the needy to attend school and graduate to become productive citizens. We have supported in establishing house of worship in Kenya, Ghana and held several international mission around the world. Those interested in our global mission should contact us at 703-591-6161 or send us an e-mail at