Welcome to our virtual home where all are more than welcome. Please take the opportunity to stay updated with our newsletter, connect with us on our social platforms, view the One God Ministry television broadcasts, listen to the Extra Ordinary Connection Radio Broadcasts, and join the prayer line. Our headquarters is based in Fairfax, Virginia and we are strategically based all over the globe as community pillars uniting in fellowship as One People Worshipping One God For One Purpose.


Why One God Ministry?
"Then saith he unto his disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into the harvest." -Matthew 9:37-38.
Now and in the years to come, there will be significant increase in opportunities to win souls for Christ. One God Ministry was founded in response to God's call to establish a global, inclusive church that would unite individuals, churches, communities, and nations to proclaim the Gospel according to Jesus Christ as mandated in the Holy Bible. We are a non-denominational church dedicated to spiritual enrichment and empowerment of the human race. We are a dedicated provider of spiritual support services to all.
The Godhead
We believe in one God (Ephesians 4:6), that this one God is ETERNAL and HOLY (Isaiah 57:15), the CREATOR (Genesis 1:1), SPIRIT (Ephesians 4:4), THE ONE AND ONLY GOD (Isaiah 43:10), IMMORTAL and EVERLASTING (Psalm 90:2). We believe that God who is Spirit became the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe in one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism for salvation. We believe that salvation means deliverance from sin. We are sure that believers are saved from the guilt and penalty of sin when they believe in Jesus Christ. Believers must continue to worship in holiness and in strong faith, abstain from sins, and obey the Word of God. We believe that all true believers receive the gift of the Holy Ghost as promised by our Lord, as a witness to their faith in Jesus. (Luke 7:50; I Corinthians 1:18; 2 Corinthians 2:15; Romans 8:3; John 3:5).
Everlasting Life
We believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in atonement for the sins of the world. We believe that Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. We believe that Christ remains the High Priest, invisible Spirit, and Advocate for all believers. We believe that whoever believes in Christ shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. (John 1:20; Hebrews 7:25; John 3:16; Luke 24; Acts 1:3; Revelation 7:1-8; John 5:29; Hebrews 2:14-17)
The Bible
We believe that the entire Bible, comprising the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired Word of God. We believe that the Bible contains the truth to save people from their sins. We believe in the commandments and the instructions provided in the Bible for the salvation of souls.
The Church
We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ-a spiritual organism comprised of all born again believers. The primary mission and purpose of the Church is to preach the Gospel among all nations, win souls for Christ, and baptize them into the body of Christ. The Church's mission is also to minister to the poor and needy, and to reprove individuals of sin. (John 16:8-11; Romans 8:9; Acts 2:38)
Church Leadership
We believe that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church. Jesus Christ was both human and divine. By grace and mercy God's children are anointed to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The anointed elders of the church are caretakers and workers dedicated to the primary mission of witnessing and preaching the Gospel among nations. (Ephesians 4:4)
Spiritual Gifts
We believe that the Lord gives spiritual gifts to the believers and to the anointed. Spiritual gifts take different forms, including prophecies, speaking in other tongues, healing powers, miracles, and much more. (Acts 2:4; John 3:8; Mark 16:16-17; Acts 19:1-7; St. Mark 16:16-18)
Tithes and Offerings
We believe in giving our tithes and offerings to the Lord in appreciation for the many benefits we receive from Him. Tithes represent 10 percent of an individual's gross income to be contributed to the church for use in the proclamation of the Gospel according to Jesus Christ. Offerings to the Lord can consist of money and other material things given in appreciation for life and blessings. The Lord loves a cheerful giver. (Malachi 3:8-10)
We believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman in holy matrimony. We believe that those whom God hath joined together will prosper and be guided to live in peace and holiness.
Salvation by Grace
We believe that man was created in the image of God, and that salvation is for all by grace and faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:5).
We believe that Christians should conduct themselves with integrity and strong moral values and in a manner that brings glory to God. Children should respect their elders and honor their parents


One God Ministry (OGM) is a global church committed to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as mandated in the Holy Bible. The church's objective, purpose and activities include the following:

  • To preach the Gospel to individuals, groups, communities, nations and to the poor and needy.

  • To conduct regular Christian prayer and worship services, provide spiritual support to members, groups, and churches, and to participate in the discipling of the nations.

  • To provide Christian teaching and training for the spiritual development of members, and to develop and license ministers of the Gospel.

  • To extend benevolence to deserving poor people around the world.

  • To contribute to the body of knowledge and to provide resources for the global proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan is the presiding Apostle, Chairman, and Trustee of One God Ministry—A Global Church with branches in Fairfax, Alexandria, and Jarratt, VA; Miami, FL; Milwaukee, WI; and Kenya. The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan is also Chairman, The Johnson A. Edosomwan Foundation; Chairman and President, JJA Consultants, Inc.; Chairman, Continuous Improvement Company; Chairman, Johnson A. Edosomwan, Limited Liability Company; Chairman, Radio Companion, Limited Liability Company; and Chairman, Royal Legacy, Limited Liability Company. The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan’s contributions span several continents. He is the recipient of over 175 awards and citations including, “Men of Achievement in the World”, “Who’s Who of Intellectuals”, and “Who’s Who in Distinguished Leadership”. The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan is the author / editor of over 68 books and holds over 16 certifications in several academic disciplines. He received his Doctor of Science in Engineering Management and Economics from the George Washington University, P. Engr. Degree from Columbia University, and MSIE and BSIE from the University of Miami. The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan is also recognized as a pioneer in several fields including leadership and management, innovation and technology, productivity, quality, diversity, customer service, reengineering, and more. He serves as a senior executive coach and consultant to over 6000 organizations worldwide. He is credited for the development of over 425 performance improvement models and tools. His ministry contributions include planting churches for the salvation of souls and implementing programs to help the needy around the world. The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan is the host of "Life Solutions”, “Extraordinary Connection with God”, and “Sunday Worship Hour” radio programs, and can be seen regularly on One God TV, “Wisdom for You”. The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan resides in Fairfax County with his wife and two daughters. On May 10, 2014 the Board of Trustees of Virginia Union University conferred upon The Rev. (Dr.) Edosomwan the honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree.

Read More About Apostle Edosomwan


  • Apostle and Mary Edosomwan
  • Spiritual Wilderness Solitude Resident Managers
  • OGM-Miami
  • OGM-Milwaukee
  • Facilities Management
  • Worship Team Support
  • Church Family and Children Services
  • Business, Fiscal, and Operations Support Services
  • International Missions
  • Administration & Program Support Services
  • Membership Services
  • Communications and Executive Support
  • Hospitality Services


Governing Pillars

One God Ministry is governed by the following eight pillars:

  • The Holy Bible

  • Constitution

  • By-Laws

  • What we Believe

  • Church Identity

  • Corporate Policies and Procedures

  • Leadership Directives

  • Spiritual Directives

  • Church Management Structure

    Church Management Structure

  • 1. Office of the Church Trustee

  • 2. Office of the Apostle

  • 3. Office of the Pastor

  • 4. Elder's Council

  • 5. God's Trusted Servants

  • 6. Ministry Programs Council

  • 7. Spiritual Wellness University Instructors

  • 8.Evangelism and Witnessing Teams

  • Church Committees

    Church Committees

  • 1. Financial Management Committee

  • 2. SWS Committee

  • 3. Building Committee

  • 4. Usher's/People Services Committee

  • 5. Membership Committee

  • 6. Hospitality Committee

  • 7. Programs and Ministries Enhancement Committee

  • 8. Facilities and Technology Support Committee

  • 9. Conferences/Events Committee Committee

  • 10. Youth Activities Committee

  • Life Lessons

    One God Ministry offers a results-oriented everyday living Bible-based learning series in an interactive adult learning environment to enhance personal growth, address life's daily challenges and receive answers using bible book anchors. Visit our Bible study home for more information and current lesson plans.

    Fairfax Church Wednesday 7PM Bible Study & Service
    Alexandria Church Tuesday 6PM Bible Study & Service
    Jarratt Church Wednesday 6PMBible Study & Service
    Also check out our other Community Outreach services!


    The Johnson A. Edosomwan Insitute for Evangelism, Mission and Global Christianity at Virginia Union University Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology will emerge as the premier, multi-denominational, international resource center, and clearing house for the development of knowledge, research, practices, and talent in evangelism, inter and intra faith dialogue, and multi-faith investment in social justice, personal and communal transformation.

    For more detailed information on this life changing institute visit our EMERGE page and be sure to download/view the brochure full of VUU resources.

    Spiritual Wilderness Solitude

    Situated on 116 acres of natural environment in southern Virginia about 50 miles south of Richmond, at Exit 24 off Interstate 95, SWS offers a place where the dots of tranquility, peace, solitude, and spirituality can be connected.
    The site is designed to accommodate individual solitude, small intimate ceremonies and gatherings, couples’ and family retreats, and large-scale outdoor revivals and celebrations for up to 5,000 people. Come and enjoy the Spiritual Wilderness Solitude at your personal pace and pleasure.
    Spiritual Wilderness Solitude provides a natural environment, Holy Ground, and modern facilities for solitude, reflection, and spiritual enrichment.


    • On February 6, 2000 I experienced a miracle from God. I had a 7:00 PM Spiritual Gifts Service to attend the church. At about 600 p.m. I realized it was time to get dressed,so I put the tea pot on the stove and put a tea bag with the bag hanging outside the pot. I turned the front gas stove burner up to high, so it would heat quickly considering that I did not have much time (the church is about 25 minutes drive from my house). After getting dressed I rushed out of the house around 6:30 PM. I returned home at 9 PM I walked into the house and notices the stover burner was still on high. I slowly walked over to the stove to turn it off. Although the pot was partially burned, the tea bag that was hanging outside the pot was not and the fire alarm did not sound. The tea pot burned for two and a half hours, but there was no fire! I praise God for He kept my house. I was so amazed, but as I was praying and thanking God, He spoke to me and said,"Take the pot to the church to let the people know that when you are doing my bidding, I am taking care of your business." So I give God all the praise. He is a KEEPER.

      Hellen Davis, One God Ministry
    • It is through a series of miracles in June 2005 and I remain alive today. The first miracle that was that I passed out behind the wheel of my car as I parked in the garage, but blessedly I just switched off my ignition. The second miracle was that my husband was at home sitting in our den when I woke up and went into the house. God led him to rush me to the hospital against my will and judgment. God led my sister to call the Apostle and open up the prayer lines, while I lay dying on the gurney in the emergency room. The doctor, using a defibrillator, regenerating my heart, and by God's mercy I was healed. It is through another series series of miracles that my family has been able to build my "dream house." I call it "dream House" because it was through miraculous blessings that we received financing, that builder was identified, that unity was achieved and that love won out. And for these miraculous blessings, I give God glory.

      Wanda K. Savage-Moore, Senior Evangelist of One God Ministry
    • On a cold Friday night on January 30, 2009. I arrived home safely from work after a quick stop at the grocery store. I got out of the car with grocery bags and purse in my left hand and I reach from my car keys, which were still in the ignition. While getting out, the car began to move backward with the car door closing on me. I dropped the bags and began to fight for my life. I struggled to get back into the car, but my left foot got caught under the moving car tire. On that day, I wore half boot with a side zipper; as I pled the Blood of Jesus, my foot miraculously slipped out of the boot (unzipped). In order to prevent it from crashing into a tree or into my neighbor's house, I finally got both legs in the car and stopped the car. At the hospital emergency room, an x-ray of the foot was taken, but no bones were broken. The doctor said, "It is a miracle that your foot was not crushed." Glory and honor be to God Alimighty for sending angels to my rescue.

      Mary Edosomwan, Senior Evangelist of One God Ministry